Gallery ~ 1 Beauty For the Sake of Beauty

It isn’t that these works have no meaning. Some of the Qabalistic images are full of symbolism. However, all of the images on this page are intended to be pleasing to the eye.

(Note: These images show details of the works in question. Click on them to see the original works in full.)

“Kettle’s Yard”
“Roses of Netzach”
“Purple Acrylic Pouring”
“Blossoms in Flight”
“Flowers” Photogram
“Flame Trees of Donington”
“The Brook”
“Honey to Taste, Milk to Drink”
“Painting For VR”
“Abstract Women”
Nilov Monastery

“The Garden of Yesod”
“Lava” Acrylic Pouring
“Music in the Electrics”

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