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Before coming to university as a mature student, William worked in Film and TV animation and special effects for 25 years. Clients included Ricky Martin, Diana Ross and Jeremy Beadle. He also worked on the James Bond film, “Goldeneye.”

He produced a 42 minute, children’s CG animated TV show called “The Magic Bucket.”

His BA work is multi-faceted, spanning social comment (anti-feminism and pro-life issues), mysticism and beauty for the sake of beauty. 

For his Major Project, Will has been experimenting with digital, stereoscopic 3D by applying horizontal, displacement maps based on luminance, extracted from magnified images of his acrylic pourings, in order to create 3D stills and kalaidoscopic animation.

Much of his other 3D work is inspired by the art of David Batchelor, Bruce Nauman and Tony Cragg.

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