Gallery 4 ~ Anti-Feminism/Pro-Life

This anti-feminist art is among the artist’s most popular and reviled work in unequal measure. Experience has shown that for every one person who hates it, there are usually at least ten times as many who love it, even among women.

Here is a virtual exhibition as if the artist is long dead and a retrospective of his work has been mounted.

Snowflake in a Box ~ A series of hilarious, animated, video shorts.

Snowflake in a Box is not based on any single individual but there are so many of these nutcases knocking about nowadays that it is only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, will inevitably remind you of Snowflake in a Box.

Stop press: Praise indeed from a feminist for “Snowflake in a Box.”

The hyperbole is strong with this reviewer!

^^^ What a recommendation! ^^^

Introducing Snowflake in a Box, everyone’s favourite, loony feminist.
Snowflake wants asparagus banned because it looks like a penis.

Everyone’s favourite, loony feminist identifies as a woman with tits.

Snowflake explains the dynamics of the metoo movement. Pay attention!
“Hash tag me too!!! Hash tag me too!!!” Snowflake jumps on the bandwagon.
Snowflake explains how to avoid being guilty of sexual harrassment in the modern age.
Think “Feminism is just about equality?” Try the artist’s more accurate definition!
“Spoof T-Shirt”

“Fading Hope – Pre-Menopausal Woman Freezes Her Eggs”
“Sergeant Boobs is Combat Ready”
“Hitler in Drag”
“Binah – The Divine Mother”
To those who try to dismiss the artist’s stance as “hate” (It isn’t.)

“The Feminist Midwife”

“Lilith – the Demon Responsible For Feminism”
“R.I.P. Doctor Who”
“Lawrence Fox is Right”
A collection of very funny, digital collages highlighting feminism’s absurdities.
“Feminist in Old Age – Lonely, Unwanted and Unloved”
“Pro-Choice Feminazi”

“Quality Time With the Children”
“Looking a Bit Flushed”
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