“Binah – The Divine Mother”

“Binah – The Divine Mother” Qabalistic Painting by William Mobberley Oil on Canvas 2020 (FOR SALE)

This is Binah, the Divine Mother, the Pure Feminine Principle. She is represented by every great mother in mythology and prefigures the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the central hub around which a family rotates. She has suffering in her eyes. As a personification of Divine Motherhood, she is pure, unselfish love, holy, sanctified (the exact opposite of a feminist, squawking “my body, my choice” and demanding the right to kill her offspring.)

Among her other titles is “Great Ocean” referenced by the waves on her front. Symbols of Binah are pearls and the planet Saturn and the Pineal Gland, seat of the Third Eye, all represented in the painting.

Her face could be Native American, Mongolian, Indian, Inuit, Chinese or European, you name it, because the Divine Principle of Motherhood is universal. The suffering she represents is universal. Nurturing and loving are universal.

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