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“The Angels of the Four Quarters: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.” Acrylic on canvas, enhanced with digital animation.
Welcome to my site showcasing my work as a Fine Artist. I am in the final throes of completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Before this, I had a long career in film and Television.

My work is rich and varied in scope. Much of it I like to class as “beauty for the sake of beauty” but it runs deeper than that as I like to explore different ways of viewing the world around us. This type of art is the kind I like to look at myself. If it is beautiful to behold, it has come a long way towards achieving its end.

Another facet of my art practice reflects my interest in the spiritual and the mystical, principally Qabalistic Imagery based upon the Paths of the Tree of Life of the Mystical Qabala.

A third facet of my work stems from my fascination with Digital Art and especially Virtual Reality, which has become something of a passion.

Finally, some of my most popular art comes under the banner of Social Comment, Men’s Rights/Anti-Feminism and Pro-Life activism. This is my provocative art, uncompromising, often hilarious, always challenging the zeitgeist. Much nonsense is written about anti-feminism. Suffice to say that it is not the same as being anti-women. Indeed, some of the most vocal critics of feminism are women.

Any and all of these facets to my practice can dovetail into one another. There are no hard and fast boundaries. I work with oils or acrylics on canvas or board, acrylic pourings from which I produce digital stills and animation. I produce CG animation and also generate Virtual Reality environments both in Stereoscopic 3D.

My Blog will be one to watch as I will be selecting one of my works at random, from time to time, and describing some detail about it. That could mean an in-depth examination of its symbolism, the thinking behind it or a technical description of how it was made.

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