“The Feminist Midwife” Acrylic on board

She doesn’t like boys!

This picture depicts a rabid, wild-eyed lunatic, insane with her hatred, vicious and used to doing nothing but shrieking with her mouth.

She is archetypal . By this I mean that she is not based on any one particular individual so if you think you know someone this could represent, then I pity you but it IS coincidental.

She is misshapen and deformed to symbolise the perverted view she has of everything.

Her hair is red but unclear to show that she is never really still because she lacks inner peace and tranquility.

Her cloven foot shows her bestial nature and it has trampled on some flowers, symbolising how feminism destroys all that is good and gentle in women.

The fact that she has decapitated a new-born male and has a dustbin for aborted boys symbolises her general abortion mentality and lack of empathy for human life as well as her double standards in singling out males as the sole problem in the world.

The environment she is in is bleak and satanic to underline the world she creates around her.

The use of a razor blade is intended to be brutal, a blunt, inappropriate instrument. Even when committing this atrocity, she has acted like a bull in a china shop.

The style in which the picture is painted is naive and harsh. I could have painted a dustbin more carefully and beautifully lit for example, but somehow it had more impact as it is. This is not intended to be a still life! Likewise the torso she clutches has little detail, just suggested, yet it conveys the message. For all the crudity of the paintwork, you are in no doubt as to what it is. The baby boy’s head is pale compared to the body, symbolising how it’s life has been drained from it.

The tee-shirt is a common one which all sorts of idiots are seen wearing, even certain types of “men.” The feminist is wearing it because she is proud to be the monster she is.

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