“Feminist in Old Age, Lonely, Unwanted and Unloved” Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas (FOR SALE)


Here we have a sad old bat, one of the “poisonous grannies”, who helped to usher in feminism.

Now she sits alone with her thoughts. In her youth, she was a card-carrying, drum-banging, tub-thumping, paid-up member of the feminist movement. In her time she has sat on a few men’s faces and wrought her damage on society, all the while deluding herself that it was some kind of progress for the human race. Now she looks back and realises that women are more unhappy than ever, the fun has gone, the romance has gone and this grisly legacy is what she brought about with her bigotry and anti-male hatred.

She has nobody. She has nothing. What children might have been there to visit her on her birthday were ripped to pieces and dropped in a bucket years ago because it is “a woman’s right to choose” and she chose to wipe out her offspring with a big fanfare to score points for the sisterhood.

So here she is in all her magnificent melancholy with nothing to look forward to, no grandchildren, no family times, nothing to contemplate except the abattoir between her legs.

Once she was a trailblazing career woman type who supposedly achieved a lot but now she has nothing left to do except to sit, contemplating her wasted, worthless life.

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