(or “The Rationale Behind My Art”.)

It has been said of me that I must “hate women” because of my anti-feminist stance. Nothing could be further from the truth so lest anyone be in any doubt whatsoever, this is what my real stance is.

The most recent statistic I have come across is that the global, abortion tally has now reached a staggering 1.7 BILLION, roughly a quarter of the global population.

What this means is that women have now snuffed out more human lives than every casualty, military and civilian, man, woman and child, in every battle, on land, sea and air, in every war, between every country, in all the world, in all of history, since records began and all of this in less than one hundred years!!!

And who have their victims been? Their own sons or daughters!!!

This atrocity has literally altered the course of human history. We will never know how many Einsteins we lost. How many Beethovens? How many Charles Dickens? How many Stephen Hawkings? How many miraculous, wonder-working saints perished in this Holocaust?

How could I possibly hate any group of people who have accumulated such appalling, terrifying, horrific Karma?

The Wheel of Fortune turns, the cosmic pendulum swings, Mother Nature rebalances herself, the Tree of Life brings itself back into equilibrium and Karma is a bitch.

Poor, poor, poor, women. My heart breaks for them. I have nothing but compassion because of what is coming. The hens will come home to roost all at the same time and the women will not know what hit them.

Those who have campaigned for abortion; those who have encouraged the dehumanisation of women (which has had to take place for women’s murder of their own children to seem acceptable to them;) those who have forced or coerced young women to have abortions against their will; those who have committed this terrible crime; and, above all, those smug doctors who have performed these monstrous, evil operations, I shudder to think what inevitably awaits them over the next century: the mass sterility; the terrible, wasting diseases; the stillborn children and grandchildren; the deformities; the mental illnesses; the handicapped offspring; the devastating, fatal accidents which tear families asunder; the cursed, family bloodlines; the children dying in their mothers’ arms; the natural disasters; the anguish and the slow realisation that our civilisation is reaping what it has sown, possibly even nuclear war.

Whole nations, even civilisations can accumulate Karma. Extinction Rebellion have not worked out that the real problem is nature in revolt and reducing plastic or carbon emissions is not going to stop the Karmic horror.

I will never hate women for never in history has any group of people stored up so chilling a store of Karma as has this last couple of generations. I weep for them, not hate them.

Laugh at me all you like, but your so-called “female emancipation”, your disastrous, catastrophic feminism and “progress” has awakened a Karmic monster and it’s coming for you. I send my compassion and my pity, you poor, little loves.

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