“Shit in a Shirt” Digital Collage

One of the artist’s most popular creations ever, this spoof of those “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts gets a lot of delighted laughs, even from some feminists because it is genuinely funny and they cannot help but chuckle.

Of all the works the artist has ever produced, this one is his favourite. A rather pathetic, male feminist was literally struck dumb in mid sentence when he turned a page and was confronted with this image. It was hard to tell which was the funnier: the art work or his reaction to it! Enjoy.

The concept is simple – a merging of but two images to completely alter the meaning of the slogan on the shirt. The original slogan is intended to browbeat men into the realisation that they are supposedly surrounded by feminists but once you have seen this image, no tee-shirt bearing this slogan is ever going to seem the same. “Shit in a Shirt” has demolished the original message and reduced it to absurdity.

This approach was inspired by one of my heroes, John Heartfield, who so annoyed the Nazis with his collages that he had to hide inside a dumpster to avoid the SS men who had been sent to kill him.

Do you like “Shit in a Shirt”? If so, you’ll just love this mug, available for sale!

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