These hard-hitting, often hilarious, digital collages highlight the absurdity and double standards of feminist attitudes. The first one, for example, lampoons the appallingly biased, anti-male attitude to responsibility and alcohol. This was based on an actual example of a poster put up in universities.

Click to enlarge and scroll through larger versions. They’re a lot of fun. Enjoy!

15 years ago, if I stated my belief that feminism has been a social catastrophe, women would scowl, look upon me with disdain and tell me I was a sexist pig.

In more recent years, I have noticed a major shift in the reactions of many women. So many of them now just look down and say, sadly: “Well, I agree with you.”


A growing army of left-on-the-shelf, bitter, lonely, unwanted, unloved, childless, old women will, in increasing numbers, become tragic examples for younger women of how not to live their lives.

Bite me. You know I’m right.

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