Snowflake in a Box 3

“Hash tag me too!!! Hash tag me too!!!”
Snowflake in a Box ~ A series of hilarious, animated, video shorts.

Snowflake in a Box is not based on any single individual but there are so many of these nutcases knocking about nowadays that it is only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, will inevitably remind you of Snowflake in a Box.

Introducing Snowflake in a Box, everyone’s favourite, loony feminist.
Snowflake wants asparagus banned because it looks like a penis.
Everyone’s favourite, loony feminist identifies as a woman with tits.

Snowflake explains the dynamics of the metoo movement. Pay attention!
“Hash tag me too!!! Hash tag me too!!!” Snowflake jumps on the bandwagon.
Snowflake explains how to avoid being guilty of sexual harrassment in the modern age.

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