or “How to Tell if a Woman is an Idiot”

“PATRIARCHY” by William Mobberley

All of us have done idiotic things like forgotten where we parked the car or locked ourselves out of our houses but although those are idiotic deeds, they don’t mean we are idiots per se.

While introducing you to my latest piece of digital art, I will also introduce you to another, very specific concept of idiocy, namely a certain frame of mind which literally renders a woman undateable (if a guy has any sense) – a red flag par excellence. A reason to walk away – every time!

It is this:

If a woman ever mentions “The Patriarchy” as though she thinks it exists or she takes the notion seriously, walk away. She’s an idiot and not worth your time.

What is this “Patriarchy” in reality? It is just a silly made-up or requisitioned and distorted word used by feminists to justify their hatred of men and masculinity. It is literally a form of hate speech against men and it says more about the fools using the term than it does about the men they are attacking.

If a woman starts banging on about “The Patriarchy”, it is a sign that she has been taken in by what is effectively a conspiracy theory for demented lesbians, the notion that the natural order is somehow toxic. Ask yourself: Is this someone who would enrich your life? Is she wife material? Would she make a great mother for your children or would society be better served if she ended up lonely, unwanted, unloved and with a couple of cats?

When a woman mentions “The Patriarchy” she might just as well be wearing a sandwich board which says: “The end of romance is nigh. Avoid me like the plague. I have nothing to offer.”

There is something magical about the glow of neon lights and I love luminosity in general. The artist Bruce Naumann uses neon lettering to great effect in his art but I prefer the perfection of computer generated imagery, the fact that letters can hover in the air, unsupported.

When a phrase is writ large in luminous neon, that phrase has a certain gravitas which it lacks when written on paper. As advice, particularly for young men, I commend this message: The term “Patriarchy” as employed by feminists is nothing more than hate speech against men. Believe it.

Finally, here is a heartwarming story I heard about a man who went on a date with an idiot who would most likely fall into such a category. Although she did not mention actually “The Patriarchy”, her behaviour gave ample indication of what type of woman she was and constituted a red flag anyway:

The man in question had arranged to go on a date with a woman and he planned to take her to a nice restaurant for a meal. Accordingly, he picked her up in his car and they drove into town. As they were approaching the restaurant, he went to open the door for her and she snapped: “I can get my own door.”

The man turned and walked away – as is the only correct course of action when faced with a woman of this type. She followed him back to the car, apologising profusely all the while. He drove her home without a word and left her standing outside her house as he drove off, never to date ever again. His silence was the best bit about his rejection of her. It did not matter what she said after that. It was not worth discussing it with her. She had revealed who she was – a woman worthy of neither his time nor his attention.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a date with a woman who behaves in an ugly, feminist fashion like that or who mentions “The Patriarchy” for that matter, this is the only correct course of action. Hopefully, one day she will be an example to young women how not to behave. Her life after about 35 years will not be one to be emulated. We are already entering a phase in which the misery wrought by feminism upon women themselves is beginning to manifest.

Help the process along: WALK AWAY!

See also another one of my digital art images: “Don’t Date Woke Women – Lawrence Fox is Right”

William Mobberley recommends*:

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To her credit, Christina Hoff Sommers is at least attempting to undo some of the damage done by feminism. She has not grasped that the whole revolting edifice is and always was rotten to the core, subscribing to the notion that Feminism is kind of like the fabled Curate’s Egg – “good in parts.”

At least she recognises that there is a problem. A one eyed-woman in a world of blind ones.

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