A man has to be clinically brain-dead to marry a modern woman!

I would hate being married to a career woman, let alone – God forbid – a feminist. I wouldn’t touch one with a bargepole. (No way am I going to play Dennis to their Margaret Thatcher, thank you very much!)

As a MGTOW, I think any man would have to be clinically brain dead to marry a modern woman. At times I have weakened and asked women in the past only to end up thinking: “Thank God I dodged that bullet” – sometimes within days.

In my entire life, I have never met a single man with whom I would swap places. I only know three whom I would describe as genuinely happy with the woman they have in their life once I got to know them but they have very different personalities and their set-up would not do for me. Most of the others are ball and chained to monsters to be honest.

However, that doesn’t stop me from being a big admirer of certain women when they do great things. I might not want to marry most of the women on this list but I salute them as great women anyway – or at the very least women who have done at least one great thing. One or two even strike me as approaching wife material and that is a MASSIVE compliment coming from me.

In a world utterly ruined by the cancer of feminism, there are still some decent women out there. Here is a quick roll of honour off the top of my head of top-notch women. I like these gals!

Kayleigh Mcenany (Beautiful, bright and future President of the United States of America material.)

Kaitlin Bennet (Awesome woman. God, she’s lovely.)

Lauren Southern ( Stunningly beautiful, wonderfully politically incorrect.)

Megan Phelps-Roper (Beautiful, bright, emerged from a difficult background with compassion and courage.)

Erin Pizzey (A truly decent woman. One of the few I really respect.)

Lori Alexander (“The Transformed Wife”. A woman with a level of nobility which would make most modern, feminist harpies shudder.)

Cassie Jay (Well, at least she no longer calls herself a feminist and she made The Red Pill documentary. She deserves massive respect in my book if only for that.)

Christina Hoff-Sommers (“The Factual Feminist”. Marks deducted for being a feminist but a few marks put back for at least knowing that feminism is equivalent to madness. Where we would diverge is that I believe feminism is fundamentally evil and always was whereas she thinks it has just taken a wrong turn. Bless.)

Ann Francis (Forbidden Planet actress who was spiritually very deep. Breathtakingly lovely and her book is wonderful.)

Shailene Woodley (One of the most beautiful women on the planet and courageous in her defence of Standing Rock.)

There are others I love and admire but they are not famous so I will not publicly expose (and potentially embarrass) them. They know who they are, especially my Muse. xxx A big shout out to her xxx as well as to my girlies from across the pond and that gorgeous, green-eyed bird from Birmingham among others. Love to you all. X

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