When I express my contempt for the feminist movement, sometimes I forget that so many people still labour under the illusions generated by that vile movement’s lies and are unaware of the double standards under which men have to labour. Accordingly, such people will then make the mistake of equating hatred for feminism with hatredContinue reading “APPALLING BIAS AGAINST MEN IN WESTERN SOCIETY”


What a great idea! I am sorry I won’t get to London to see this weekend full of art gallery delight. I wholeheartedly approve of this. Incidentally, the second link I posted takes one to a list of London galleries. Useful not just for this weekend but all year round.

The Frustrations of Being an Artist

What to do when you hate a piece of artwork you have created…? I find that as an artist my work goes through phases: I start, say, a painting. It goes well. I am pleased with it for a while and cheerfully proceed with it. Then it begins to go a bit pear-shaped. It isContinue reading “The Frustrations of Being an Artist”


Will Mobberley’s MGTOW themed Vlog has launched and here is the first video! MGTOW Minstrel is the social comment facet of Fine Artist, Will Mobberley’s creative output. You’ll find irreverent fun, topical analysis, anecdotes, advice for young men (and women if they are wise enough to listen) as well as jokes and predictions regarding relationsContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT: MGTOW MINSTREL VLOG”

The Greatest Movie in the History of Cinema

The Razor’s Edge 1984, (Bill Murray version.) The Razor’s Edge, Bill Murray version is literally the greatest movie ever made. I couldn’t hazard a guess just how many times I have watched it. I’ve seen it on cable, had it on VHS, bought the DVD and have been longing for it to come out on Bluray.Continue reading “The Greatest Movie in the History of Cinema”


Fun with Lightwave 3D and exaggerated motion blur. Here are two fun logo reveal animations. I produced these as a demo for a Fiverr gig. Very quick and simple. Ideal for vlogs and even game/quiz show graphics. If you want to have your logo presented in this way, here is a link to my FiverrContinue reading “A QUICK LOGO REVEAL ANIMATION”

The Joy of Chromakey

or how a good piece of software makes all the difference. I have been planning to put some gigs on Fiverr and to start a video blog or “Vlog”. Both ideally involve producing videos and it occurred to me that I should bring my virtual studio software to bear. I had done this before butContinue reading “The Joy of Chromakey”


or How I Met My Wife From a Previous Life When I attended Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge School of Art) as a mature student doing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, the last thing I expected was to run into someone to whom I had been married in a previous life but it happened. OfContinue reading “WEIRD TALES FROM UNIVERSITY”