Qabalistic Temple of Chesed

Virtual Reality Project Temple Number 4

Click on the image above to download the fully-hires, 360 degree, 3-D, Virtual Reality file from Dropbox

I have been creating Virtual Reality Qabalistic Temples. Here is the Temple of Chesed, the fourth Sephirah, the sphere of Divine Mercy, in 7200 x 7200 pixels, the native resolution of the Oculus Quest2. Click on the image above to download the full-resolution, VR, 360 degree, 3-D image from Dropbox. (Whether this works with a Playstation VR, I do not know at the time of writing. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?)

Instructions on how to view them in a VR Headset are supplied further down. As each temple is completed, I will be releasing them into the public domain as a gift to the world.


These VR temples were created as meditational aids, especially in Qabalistic Pathworking on the Tree of Life.

Think of the correspondences in a guided meditation as markers or signposts on the astral plane. It is claimed that mystics, magicians and other spiritual workers have, over millennia, built up images on the astral plane rather like cairns are left to guide fellow travellers on mountain paths to assure any traveller that others have trodden the path beforehand.

For example, if you are travelling on the 32nd Path on the Tree of Life and expect to see Saurian monsters but instead see a galleon in a storm with a sea monster, you will know that you are on the 28th and not the 32nd Path.

Note that the altar in this temple, unlike that of Malkuth, has a larger, 4-sided, table top, in keeping with the temple’s number. I welcome suggestions as to what else to add. I am wondering what colour robes the Archangel Tzadkiel should be wearing.

One word of warning: I really do recommend the use of the Qabalistic Cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as well as general prayers of protection before viewing these images in Virtual Reality. They are VERY powerful and have a strong effect on the subconscious – especially if you use aromatics with them – because so many correspondences are there in front of you (and all around you for that matter.) This makes the temples very immersive in correspondences. In days gone by, one would have had to work hard to assemble images or even physical versions of correspondences yet here they now are, ready to be experienced.

I recently used two of these temples (Geburah and Binah) in a pathworking and all hell let loose! Everything went up in the air (metaphorically speaking) and it is still settling. Do not think this is a bad thing but pathworking stirs stuff up, often from the subconscious. There is nothing bad in that per se but you have to be prepared to face whatever comes up.



This VR file displays on the Oculus Quest2 if you use a viewing app. The one I use is DEO VR. I find it a little buggy sometimes. It jumps out of a directory and crashesbut if you click on an image as soon as the directory opens, thereafter it seems to work fine scrolling through the images. Doubtless, this bug will be fixed in due course.

In DEO VR, I select “3D top and bottom” as the display format and “360 degree VR” as the display mode. Then bang, you are in the Temple of Chesed!

Here is how I got it onto my Quest2:

I connected a USB charging lead from my laptop to the Quest2. Inside the Quest2 a menu comes up asking if you want to allow the connection to be made. Of course, you click on yes.

Thereafter, the Quest appears on your computer as though it is a drive and you can then copy the VR file over to the pictures directory on the Quest. Please not that this file needs to be the 7200 pixels by 7200 version. This is obtained by clicking on the image to go to Dropbox. Only then can you right click to download the big file. Make sure you have the right one!

Any comments, technical, spiritual, compliments, brickbats or general advice are all most welcome.

By the way, The Rider Waite Coleman Smith Tarot is out of copyright now. I would have claimed fair use as an educational project in any case.

Those of you with access to VR headsets, please do let me know how you get on. Does this image display properly? What do you think of the environment I have created? Would you like me to upload the other 3 temples (plus Daath) as they are completed?

And finally:

Is there any kind soul out there who can help me build all this into a program along the lines of Wander in which hotspots can be added which enable the viewer to jump to the next image? For those of you who do not know, Wander is a program which shows exactly what I have in mind using Google Streetview imagery. I want someone inside a temple to be able to click on a doorway and jump to the sephirah the path leads to. Other hotspots within the temple could lead to other views around the temple. I have rendered some and the cumulative effect of multiple views is even stronger.

PLEASE get in touch if you have the expertise.

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