When I express my contempt for the feminist movement, sometimes I forget that so many people still labour under the illusions generated by that vile movement’s lies and are unaware of the double standards under which men have to labour. Accordingly, such people will then make the mistake of equating hatred for feminism with hatred of women. I do NOT hate women.

I do hate its utter hypocrisy and anti-male bias while it pretends that it is women who are the perpetual victims so I thought that for a change, I would give an example of what I am talking about and here it is:

A few years back, there was a quite disgraceful court case reported in the papers which went like this:

A man told his partner that he did NOT want children. He did not wish to become a father and that if that is what she wanted, then she should look elsewhere for a man who was willing to become a father. He made his position quite clear.

The woman in question gave him a blow job but instead of swallowing or spitting out his seed, she went into the bathroom, poked the man’s semen up her nether regions and impregnated herself!

This disgusting little monster then went to court for child support and WON!!! She even admitted to the court what she had done as well as the fact that it had been quite deliberate and that she knew her partner did not want fatherhood thrust upon him.

The clown of a judge declared that when he accepted a blow job from her, he was gifting to her his semen and she was free to do whatever she chose to do with it.

This is blatant, grotesque injustice. What should have happened is that the woman should have been prosecuted for fraud and sent to prison until the child was 18, custody of the child offered to the man and if he did not want it, the child should have been taken into care. This woman did not deserve to be rewarded for her evil act of selfishness, in any way, shape or form, only punished – and severely so.

Contrast this with the recent announcement that the crime of “stealthing” is now to be regarded as a form of rape. Stealthing, for those of you who do not know, is when a man has sexual intercourse with a woman and unknown to her removes his condom and tricks her into getting pregnant.

So there you have it. A woman can trick a man into fatherhood and be rewarded with his money for 16 years and have no repercussions whatsoever for her actions but if a man tricks a woman into motherhood, he is regarded as effectively a rapist.

If you cannot see an equivalence between those two forms of fraud and especially if you try to defend it, then you are a part of the problem.

This sort of thing, boys and girls, is why men are getting angry.

THIS is why MGTOW is rising. This is the internet age. This sort of injustice can be shared and scrutinised. Why should men have to put up with this sort of double standard, all the while being vilified by the society which oppresses them in this way?

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