“Quality Time With the Children” Acrylic on Paper

“Stuff the kids and fob them off with quality time!””

“QUALITY TIME WITH THE CHILDREN” by William Mobberley 2015

“Quality Time”,
Excuse for lousy mothers,
Too selfish to stay home the way a mother should.

“Quality Time”,
Eat your cake and have it.
Stuff the kids and fob them off with “Quality Time.”

Here we see a career-woman executive who has interrupted her busy schedule and popped in to remind the kids that they still have a mum (of sorts.)

She is highly successful and very busy but women can have it all and she is such a good mother that she has learned to juggle not just the kids and her career but a load of balls too. How appropriate. It doesn’t matter that mummy isn’t there most of the time when she can offer them such “Quality Time.” Those lucky children will grow up empowered and gender neutral because mummy is such a great role model.

Sometimes she feels guilty but like all good, feminist, career types, she blames those feelings on “The Patriarchy” and tries to ignore them.

Of course she hasn’t noticed that the kids died a long time ago. Her head is filled with other things like how many women there are in the boardroom, posting stuff online about “empowering women” and getting excited about Hillary Clinton with no regard for her policies. The fact that she is female is enough.

Eventually, she will notice that her kids are dead and then she will pore over photos of them and tell everyone in a shrieky voice: “I was a good mother. I was a GOOD MOTHER!!!”

We believe you dear. Lots wouldn’t.

Still, now that the kids are dead, it frees her up for more board meetings and a chance to drown out those guilty feelings…

If you like “Quality Time With the Children”, check out the wonderful merchandise featuring the illustration here.

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