(or “The official one and the true one”.)

Whenever anyone dares to criticise the misandry which typifies feminism, the standard response is to trot out that old chestnut:

“Feminism is just about equality.”

However, given that in the UK only 7%** of women identify as feminists, it is clear that feminism is not seen in these terms by the wider population. Therefore, the artist offers an alternative definition of feminism, better suited to the reality of the movement:

“Feminism is a female-supremacist movement which masquerades as a drive for equality between the sexes. It is characterised by lies, hypocrisy, double standards, half truths, distortions, false statistics, misandry, delusion, mania, victimhood, entitlement and infanticide. It is the single, most evil development ever to blight the human race in all of history.”

There! That’s a much more accurate definition, don’t you think?

Artist’s Statement

“The aim of my anti-feminist art (Neo-Chauvinism) is to express my utter contempt for the double standards of the feminist movement and its disastrous effects upon society and especially women. It uses humour, sarcasm and real-life examples of feminist hypocrisy.

It is an art genre which expresses my FEELINGS. (Feminists always seem to be banging on about how men commit suicide because they can’t express their feelings so they’ll probably be thrilled that I am expressing mine.*) Given that these are my intentions as an artist, I think my projects achieve this very well.

My art is not intended to be “academic” per se. I am first and foremost an artist and if I wanted to listen to feminists bleating about how nuanced their man-hatred is, I would have enrolled on some bullshit, sociology course where I could be surrounded by fat cows with blue hair who think they’re being raped if they so much as see a potato that looks too much like a penis and who would tell me to check my privilege every five minutes.

There is another vitally important motive behind my work. It is to assure young men that if they think that something has gone terribly wrong with our society, if they have a suspicion that feminism has been a social catastrophe, if they suspect that there is something wrong with our women, that they are collectively mentally ill compared with 100 years ago, then they are not alone in that thinking. They are not out of step. They simply see things clearly.”

*A high percentage of men who commit suicide have been through the family courts but that’s another story and nothing to do with a need to express feelings.

** Apparently it has recently gone up to 9%. Still 91% of women in Britain do NOT self-identify as feminists.

If you have a truly open mind and want to find out about the male perspective, you could do no better than starting with Cassie Jay’s phenomenal movie on the subject:

“The Red Pill” by Cassie Jay.

Click on the image to go to Amazon where you can buy this superb documentary*

I have become something of a maven for this awesome production. It is shocking and damning and EVERYONE should view it before they express any opinion about feminism.

(*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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