Gallery 6 ~ Will’s Books/Short Stories

“You are a naturally entertaining writer.” One of Will’s tutors at university.

Under his own name and his pen name, Herman Rabbit-Shagger, William Mobberley’s writings cover a wide range of subjects. There is something for everyone to be found here, from Will’s spiritual journey and examples of his wild, outrageous, politically incorrect sense of humour, to his erotic work.

Books written under the pen name of “Herman Rabbit-Shagger” are particularly unsuitable for children.

Choose from the following titles
In this very funny and completely barmy, vulgar, short story (which is sure to offend somebody or other) Herman Rabbit-Shagger, author of “Mindless, Shuffling, Zombie Whores” turns his narrative talents to a tale of an incorrupt, dead body and the rationale behind well-wishers deciding to urinate on it.
31 pages.
A short story about a homeless man who has a terrifying encounter with a giant, carnivorous frog which is laying siege to his caravan.
13 pages.
Awarded 8 and a half stars out of ten by the Fantasy Book Review Website, William Mobberley’s Spiderface is a fantasy comedy, both bizarre and hilarious.
Bert Grubbings is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth Northerner, struggling to cope with the extraordinary cards life has dealt him – and what a hand! Of his four tragically-deformed children, one has left home in disgrace, another is too fat to answer the door, a third has spent ten years in a freezer while eldest son Spiderface has six eyes and a furry head! After a three-year absence, Spiderface has returned home because there is something growing in his bedroom and it’s due to hatch soon…

Meanwhile, the bewildering array of misfits who attend the Northernville Affirmation Group have a mystery to solve: How on earth did a priceless gem end up in Baroness Blart’s loo? Throw into the mix Al Jolson, a man from the ministry wandering around with a geiger counter, a midget burglar, not to mention the bottom-slapping inventor of climbing robots, Jimbo Mambo and the town of Northernville starts to sound like a very odd place indeed. Is this the craziest book ever written? You be the judge as you read Spiderface, the hilarious, fantasy comedy.

“You’ve written a very funny book but I would be too embarrassed to show it to my friends.” The author’s mother. 124 pages.
This short story has been called erotic but it is more than that for woven into it is effectively a manual on how to drive a woman wild with pleasure in bed. I wish I had known what is described in this short story when I went off to college in 1979. Word would have got around and I would have gone through those female students like a knife through butter. A fine manual for young men.
45 pages.
Uncle Barnes and his live-in lover Doris, tell their nephew Ab-Norman curious bedtime stories.
Read the following hilarious, surreal tales:
“How Norman Came Into Being”
“The Matchstick Man and the Sheep”
“Bertie the Beetle and the Land of Love”
“The Spastic Duck – A Tale of Redemption”

These stories – by the author of Spiderface – are completely mental, possibly the most lunatic you will ever have come across.
17 pages.
Please note: THIS TESTIMONY HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED AS AN UPDATED VERSION OF IT APPEARS WITHIN A NEW BOOK BY THE SAME AUTHOR: “True Stories of My Dabbling in the Occult (and Other Weird Stuff)” by William Mobberley.

This is the story of how I went aboard an alien craft and saw an extraterrestrial with my own eyes. It is a true story and an honest account.
14 pages.

This is a disgusting, reprehensible and very funny, short story about zombies. If you have a warped sense of humour and like your satire way over the top and likely to make old ladies write in to complain, then this is the short story for you.
20 pages.
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
– Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio
This is the true story of a life lived with one foot in the unseen world. Told with sometimes stark honesty, these tales of demonic possession by evil spirits, encounters with UFOs, sexual abuse, visions of saints and of training in mediumship by a real clairvoyant are fascinating and disturbing, yet told with an infectious life-affirming exuberance which is at once irreverent and provocative.
Telling it like it was, the author spills the beans on his occult activities, from ouija board sessions, to haunted houses, tarot cards, telepathic animals and a particularly chilling encounter with real evil.
Venturing into areas most wouldn’t dare go anywhere near, very few people have led a life like this. Incredible, astounding, courageous in the telling of it, let alone the living of it and it’s all true.
376 pages (paperback.)
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