“Titanic of the Waterways” Project Digital Simulations

TITANIC FUN FACT: Did you know that if you were to take every nautical mile that the Titanic ever sailed and lay them end to end, they would stretch all the way to an iceberg?

“Titanic of the Waterways” is a project which aims to produce a miniature replica of Titanic on a 70 foot, narrowboat hull, envisioned as a floating studio and art gallery. Simulations have been produced both as stills and in Virtual Reality.

Can you help? I am interested to hear from potential donors, investors, TV stations, boatbuilders, anyone who can help bring this project to fruition. Get in touch!

Some indication what the VR is like. Of course it is far better in 3D and immersive.
Pussy magnet!

If you are a Titanic enthusiast, William highly recommends*:

Trumpeter Titanic 200th Scale

Click on the image to visit Amazon where you can buy this wonderful kit.*

This model of the Titanic features led lights and over 1280 parts and comes with good reviews. I particularly like the fact that it lights up.

(*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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