I was given advice by a cryptocurrency dealer. I pass it on without warranty. It is just what I was told so I make no other claim and I do not stand to gain anything personally.

I was told that (in the opinion of the dealer in question) Bitcoin was actually a trial run to see whether a cryptocurrency could fly. Bitcoin proved it can. There are two cryptocurrencies which (he claimed) will blow Bitcoin out of the water. (Bear in mind that if you had bought £100 worth of Bitcoin at the start, you would now have £13 million.)

I am in the process of buying £50 worth per month on the following basis: I can afford to lose £50. I can afford to look silly BUT if one of these does a tenth as well as Bitcoin, I will be VERY wealthy in ten to fifteen years from now.

It is at YOUR OWN RISK but the two cryptos I was advised to buy are these:



They are less than a pound each right now. Buy them. Forget about them. Revisit in ten years from now.You’re welcome. 🙂

PS I bought £50 worth of Cardano a few months ago. They are now worth £90. That is many times what I would have got if I had left the money in the bank.

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