Introducing William Mobberley

I can’t do this anymore!

Welcome to my blog. This is the first ever post on my new artist’s website!

Remember that it is a privilege to be alive at this time. On the one hand we are living through one of the most evil eras in the history of the world if not the most evil.

On the other hand remember YOU chose to be here, to experience the world at this time, to help move things to a higher vibration, to grow and nurture those you love. You are special just by virtue of being here. Live, love and rejoice. Don’t worry too much about the cul-de-sac the world is proceeding down. It will reach a dead end, retrace its steps and emerge wiser and more beautiful, ready to usher in a golden age. You are a participant in a glorious plan and have a wonderful contribution to make, whether you realise it or not.

Spend each day with joy in your heart. Treasure your friends. Forge oases of love. It’s great to be alive.

  • It’s a wonderful world.
  • It’s full of wonderful people.
  • There are wonderful things to see and do and share.

I hope you enjoy this artist’s website. Most of it is written in the third person but it’s really just me, out to delight you with beauty, thrill you with wonder and amuse you with satire and mockery where it is merited.

But most of all, this blog will affirm life, marvel at its mysteries and be a small beacon of light in a world gone mad.

Follow me as I show you my paintings, my digital art, my virtual reality projects, my writing (surreal, spiritual and comic) and I will write about the things I find interesting. Hopefully, you will find them so as well.

If you peruse my artist’s website and enjoy your visit, please think about commissioning a work, letting me know of any work leads or perhaps even consider making a donation to help me continue producing art, especially during the current situation. Artists and the Coronavirus lockdown are not friends – cosmically, maybe, but not right now!

Don’t forget to subscribe so you get to hear of new blog posts.

Catch you later,

Love and light,


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Published by willmobberleyfineartist

Fine Artist: Beauty for the Sake of Beauty, Virtual Reality, 3D, Video Production, Animation, Social Comment, Books and Articles, Blog.

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