The Joy of Chromakey

or how a good piece of software makes all the difference. I have been planning to put some gigs on Fiverr and to start a video blog or “Vlog”. Both ideally involve producing videos and it occurred to me that I should bring my virtual studio software to bear. I had done this before butContinue reading “The Joy of Chromakey”


Or “The Sad Story of William’s Book”. How many of us can honestly say we have never ever used pirated software or downloaded a movie or a book or both or all three? I recently tried to sell a book I had written. I advertised it on Facebook and thought that the result would beContinue reading “KARMA IS A BITCH”

Introducing William Mobberley

Welcome to my blog. This is the first ever post on my new artist’s website! Remember that it is a privilege to be alive at this time. On the one hand we are living through one of the most evil eras in the history of the world if not the most evil. On the otherContinue reading “Introducing William Mobberley”