Qabalistic Temple of Yesod

Virtual Reality Project I have been creating Virtual Reality Qabalistic Temples. Here is the Temple of Yesod, the ninth Sephirah, the sphere of the subconscious, the world of dreams, in 7200 x 7200 pixels, the native resolution of the Oculus Quest2. Click on the image above to download the full-resolution, VR, 360 degree, 3-D image fromContinue reading “Qabalistic Temple of Yesod”


Or “The Sad Story of William’s Book”. How many of us can honestly say we have never ever used pirated software or downloaded a movie or a book or both or all three? I recently tried to sell a book I had written. I advertised it on Facebook and thought that the result would beContinue reading “KARMA IS A BITCH”