Will Mobberley’s MGTOW themed Vlog has launched and here is the first video!

MGTOW Minstrel is the social comment facet of Fine Artist, Will Mobberley’s creative output.

You’ll find irreverent fun, topical analysis, anecdotes, advice for young men (and women if they are wise enough to listen) as well as jokes and predictions regarding relations between the sexes and pro-life issues. There will even be the occasional off-the-wall video just for fun.

Unlike a lot of other MGTOW sites, there will be no hatred directed at individuals. Will Mobberley has already been through the fabled, “Red Pill Rage” phase and has moved into the next phase of consolidation and sober analysis.

Don’t let anyone tell you this is hate speech. This channel consists of genuine, valid opinion, controversial and often funny, but not hatred. The self same opinions about feminism are held by many women and expressed all over social media. Come and enjoy Will’s contribution to this much-needed debate. You can expect a lot of hatred from feminists and “woke” individuals but not from Will.

Please sponsor me and enable me to produce these much-needed videos full-time:

Thank you!

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Fine Artist: Beauty for the Sake of Beauty, Virtual Reality, 3D, Video Production, Animation, Social Comment, Books and Articles, Blog.

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