Farewell to a Dear Friend

When I was repossessed and forced into bankruptcy, I was for a while homeless. I slept on the street and stayed in a homeless hostel, rubbing shoulders with heroin addicts (who, incidentally, were among the loveliest people I ever met.)

Then a friend told me that I could stay in a caravan on her farmland in Lincolnshire. She gave me some paints and canvases and canvas boards and told me that I had no hope of finding work in the middle of nowhere as I had no transport and the local public transport would be hopeless. “Recover, recharge your batteries and paint.” she advised me.

Magnificent generosity!

This was the first painting I made.

And so began a period which, had it not been for the worry about my children, would have been one of the happiest of my life. I did indeed take up painting after many years doing only digital art commercially and ended up doing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Anglia Ruskin University as a mature student.

Happy days in the caravan

Recently, in March 2021, the friend to whom I owed so much, died of bowel cancer.

Rest in peace, Emma, much loved by many, sorely missed. x Thank you for what you did for me.

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