Mystical Painting: “Ascension Chalices”

Although I got a lot out of attending university and doing a BA in Fine Art, there is a tremendous freedom in the fact that I am no longer answerable to tutors now that I have finished my course. Nowhere does this apply more than in the case of my work based upon the MysticalContinue reading “Mystical Painting: “Ascension Chalices””

Those Amazing Googly Eyes!

or “How I Discovered That I Have Something in Common With Sergeant Boobs.” It is not my intention to go into detail about the meaning and thinking behind my painting “Sergeant Boobs is Combat Ready”. Those who are interested can visit her dedicated page here. In this blog entry I propose instead to bring toContinue reading “Those Amazing Googly Eyes!”

First Painting Since University

I figure there is no point doing a BA in Fine Art if one doesn’t carry on producing art after leaving and so here is my new painting “Binah – The Divine Mother”. It’s a Qabalistic painting (mystical) and it is a strange piece in that I veer between absolutely loving it and absolutely hatingContinue reading “First Painting Since University”

Fun With Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a wonderful subject to explore. My jaw has dropped on several occasions as the mathematical perfection of our universe is revealed. A few years back, I did the following experiments with Sacred Geometry. They are simple enough but I stumbled across them recently and enjoyed watching them and it occurred to meContinue reading “Fun With Sacred Geometry”

The Artist as Father

When my children were small, having an unconventional artist for a father meant that life was full of surprises. One morning, when we were far too early for a school meeting, my daughter asked me what we should do. “We’ll just look for pickled onions.” I replied. “There are sure to be some lying aboutContinue reading “The Artist as Father”

Introducing William Mobberley

Welcome to my blog. This is the first ever post on my new artist’s website! Remember that it is a privilege to be alive at this time. On the one hand we are living through one of the most evil eras in the history of the world if not the most evil. On the otherContinue reading “Introducing William Mobberley”